My first PC build. Put a ton into the planning. The small monitor on the right will be updated asap.

My Low Budget Battlestation

Most of the parts and pieces are from gifts/letgo. PC – $150 letgo Keyboard – gift Corsair Mouse – $20 Walmart Razer Mouse – $20 letgo Microphone Bundle – $30 Amazon Headphones – $50 Amazon Audio Interface – $30 Amazon (I think) SanDisk SSD – gift 2TB Drive  – gift 1080p – gift Ultrawide – […]

Couples battlestation

Home “office” is actually a couples battlestation for gaming, watching videos and anything else counter productive. Two AMD Ryzen systems built for streaming, content creation and gaming.   Hers: ryzen 5 2600, RTX 2060, 32gb ram   His: ryzen 7 2700x, RTX 2080ti, 32gb ram    

Small Gaming Room by Shucioh.

I play Virtual Reality games mostly. Simulators, but many others too. Elite Dangerous, Project Cars, Skyrim VR, Pavlov, Onward, Surv1v3, Dirt Rally, Payday… I need a lot of Peripherals for than, so what I had in mind is I wanted to have all them installed and ready to use. The wheel and pedals, the HOTAS, gamepads, button […]