My Low Budget Battlestation


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My Low Budget Battlestation - Image 1


Most of the parts and pieces are from gifts/letgo.

PC – $150 letgo

Keyboard – gift

Corsair Mouse – $20 Walmart

Razer Mouse – $20 letgo

Microphone Bundle – $30 Amazon

Headphones – $50 Amazon

Audio Interface – $30 Amazon (I think)

SanDisk SSD – gift

2TB Drive  – gift

1080p – gift

Ultrawide – gift

Mousepads – gifts

500GB HDDs – $12.50 Each, Local Shop

Raceway – $12 Home Depot

Velcro – $6 Home Depot



LG 29WK500-P, $200

My Ultrawide (2560x1080)

HP 23es, $100

Secondary 1080p Monitor

i5 2400, $30


HD 7850 2GB, $60

Really good older graphics card.

OCZ 600W PSU (Semi-Modular), $20


HP Case and Motherboard, $30

My case and motherboard are from an old prebuilt.

Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire, $125


Razer Deathadder Chroma and Corsair Harpoon, $70

My mouses (for computers i do believe its mouses)

NEEWER NW-700 Kit, $30

Microphone, Boom Arm, and Shock Mount

Behringer U-Phoria UM-2, $25

Audio Interface

Audio-Technica M20x + Monoprice 3.5mm to 1/4 Adapter, $50

My headphones.

Cable Raceway (5ft.), $12

Velcro Cable Ties, $6

Custom Desk, $10

A metal desk frame with pieces of a broken shelf as the desk.

Sandisk SSD 128GB , $30

The SSD on my desk. (SMART error drive)

Crucial MX200 256gn, $40

SSD in my PC

WD Green 7200rpm 2TB, $50

Mass storage drive

2x 500gb Dell Enterprise Server Drives, $25

Video Storage

Power Strip, $25

8x US Plugs and 2x 2.1 amp usb charging ports

Desk Chair from Craigslist, $5

my chair, zipper pouch on back has a pillow for comfort

Windows 10 Pro

Windows License



Love it

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