My little man cave


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My little man cave - Image 1


Been into PC’s all my life slowly adding to my battlestation, started DJing about 15 years ago. Some parts of it are very old, for example the technics are 15 years old and the Creative speakers mounted on the wall I bought in 2004. I’d say it’s my dream setup at this stage but I have said that before.

I have some older pictures of previous iterations I might include as well.


:I7 3770k

32Gb RAM

Vega 56

3 x AGON 32″ 144hz 1440p monitor

s1 x Dell 22″ in portrait

HTC Vive mounted on the wall

wall mounted 5.1 Creative speakers

Thinkpad T550


Chair :Secretlab Titan


Decks :

CDJ 2000 x 2

DJM 2000

RMX 1000

Technics 1210 mk 5 x 2


Love it


  • Yeah, we’ve all been there with the dream setup 😉 I reach that point once every 3 months, right before I spent a lot of money on new gear and vice versa 😀

    By Sam (Guest) April 10, 2019 at 2:01 pm

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