When you get to hear the word battlestation, the first impression is of some battle like atmosphere with preparation for a high-end war. However, this is not exactly the case as the battlestation is more of a desktop computer setup of such passionates who want to have it for different reasons like gaming or more. So, what are those components which make a great battlestation? The very question is worthy to be answered and we have piled up such items which are certain to elevate the class of your battlestation.

A desk

A desk is the base of every computer setup and you will require something which is robust and assists your whole setup. Not only that, your desk needs to be fitting your overall space and should have an adequate ergonomic height to avoid any probability of injury.


A monitor screen has a crucial impact on making your battlestation great as it is considered as the face of your desktop. Similarly, you will have to consider numerous aspects while choosing a monitor. First of all, your needs have to be assessed for the purpose, besides, you have to determine the need for resolution. Then the final thing is your budget that has to be considered and once all of these factors are pondered, then you can take a move to find your best piece.

Monitor mounts

The types and kinds of monitor mounts you will need depend on the computer set up that you do have. There are plenty of options to choose from for your mounting needs including multi-monitor, ceiling, desk mount, monitor stand and so on.


If you are the one who wants your battlestation to have an enchanting outlook, wallpaper might be the first thing you will need once have set up a computer. Other people are certain to take an impression about your personality when they will see wallpaper so you can opt for something that attracts you the most.

Desktop tower

This contains more of inside technical specifications that your desktop will possess. Again, it depends on the kind of purpose and needs for which you are building a battlestation. Some aspects to consider in this regard include case, RAM, motherboard, CPU, storage, graphics, cooling and power supply, etc.


There are numerous choices for the keyboards available to choose as per your liking varying from RGF, compact, 10 key, ergonomic and more. Also, you can customize your keyboard with cool keycaps to add to the beauty.


Mouses have taken a great transition along with the advancement in technology. At the start of the computer age, we had the mouses which were corded with a rubber ball and always needed cleaning to function properly. Then there was a launch of laser mouse and now, we have cordless and sophisticated mouses which are available as per difference of varieties like grip, weight, response time, sensitivity level and so forth.


Although technology has revolutionized the mouses, the mouses are still crucial. The reason for it is because a mouse pad safeguards your desktop from consistent movement while offering support to wrists and ease of usability as well. Such mouse pads which have a larger size are formidable as they offer more space to tweak with your mouse around.


Buying a high-quality chair is thoroughly important because a good chair is certain to keep you in the right order for a longer run. For the chair, you can have a margin to go beyond your budget because a cheap chair might end up suffering your body up to a great deal. Having to opt for adjustable seat heights, armrest, headrest, locking backrest and varied angles are some of the few characteristics of a good chair.


Headset depends on the kind of gamer or user you might be. If you do not bother a lot about sounds and music then it may not be very significant for you. However, if you prefer having the actual feel of the game with loud bass then having a high-quality headset is significant. Wireless headsets are the latest trends as wired ones might be a bit cheaper but keep on tangling in the way all day.


A plant around the battlestation may seem extraordinary but it works wonders when it comes to cleaning up the air and filtering breathe while you are fully into your favorite game. In this regard, fake plants have an edge with aesthetic appeal, nevertheless, organic plants have additional benefits.

Wall decor

If you just want to have a battlestation then a blank dull wall would be alright. However, for adding to the sensation of your battleground, you will require some theme or decor and you can add stuff like pictures, paintings or more.

A mic

Over the years, you probably comprehend the significance of a mic for the purpose of internet calling only. Nevertheless, when it comes to gaming and especially, online gaming, a high-quality mic is equally important. Yet again, it depends on what are you doing and what exactly do you want to achieve from your gaming or battlestation experience. Some might end up using built-in internal mic of the computers, but for obtaining a sensational quality result, you could look into the more featuristic mic, varying from cordless, wired to the other options.


For such users who have set up a battlestation and want to do streaming, seeking a green screening could be a worthy idea. In case if you are not aware of it, it’s just an actual green screen which sits on your back for projection of streaming on it.

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